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Do I have obsessive-complusive disorder?

The question: I have recently started checking and rechecking certain things, such as making sure that I’ve turned off the stove or locked the door, sometimes four or five times. Is this normal? The answer: Virtually all behaviours – obsessive and compulsive behaviours included – exist on a continuum of severity level, and most people […]


Mental health at work: revisited

(by April Scott-Clarke, Benefits Canada)   Depression and anxiety tend to affect people during their prime working years. These conditions impact cognitive, interpersonal and motivational skills—all critical elements to being productive at work. And, they are the fastest rising cause of short- and long-term disability.   “Workplaces are a high source of stress for most […]


Man charged with 10 counts; impaired driving, in fatal double hit-and-run

(by Todd Coyne, The Tri-City News) There were sighs of anger in Port Coquitlam court Monday as Cory Sater, the man accused of running down and killing Lorraine Cruz, 26, and Charlene Reaveley, 30, did not appear for his hearing. Sater, 37, of Coquitlam, is facing 10 charges including two counts of impaired driving causing […]


Hit and run: SFU news

Clinical psychologist Joti Samra was in demand by media to talk about how a driver could flee after a fatal hit-and-run. This following the hit-and-run death of a Good Samaritan woman—and the woman she was trying to help—in Port Coquitlam on Saturday.   The Province, for one, quoted Samra:   “Assuming that it’s a true […]


HIt and run accused faces nine charges

(by Kristen Thompson, Metro Vancouver)   Charges have now been laid against a 37-year-old Coquitlam man accused of running over and killing two young women on Lougheed Highway, then driving away.   Cory Sater faces nine counts including impaired driving causing death and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.   Sater was […]


Court no-show angers familes: legal ploy won’t make us forget, dad says

(by Ian Austin, The Province)   Friends and family of two women killed in a hit-and-run were angry and frustrated Monday that the man accused in their deaths did not show his face in provincial court in Port Coquitlam.   Instead, defence lawyer Tony Serka successfully argued that his client, Cory Sater, would be held […]


Coquitlam man charged in hit-and-run deaths of two women

(by T. Crawford, Vancouver Sun)   A 37-year-old Coquitlam man is facing 10 criminal charges, including impaired driving, in connection with the hit-andrun deaths of a Good Samaritan and the woman she was trying to help in Port Coquitlam on Saturday.   Cory Sater was charged in Port Coquitlam Provincial Court Monday with two counts […]


Dr. Samra presents at the Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations in Las Vegas, Nevada February 22, 2011

Dr. Samra presents at the Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 22, 2011. The title of her presentation was “An Integrated Approach to Improving Workplace Mental Health” for the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans (IFEBP). This conference offers a focus on innovative ideas and […]


Dr. Samra interviewed by multiple media outlets on the tragic hit-and-run in Coquitlam

Dr. Samra was interviewed by multiple media outlets about her professional psychological opinion on the tragic hit-and-run that claimed the life of two women in Coquitlam February 19, 2011.   Interviews included: The Vancouver Province, with Andy Iv


How can I get my chatty employee to quiet down?

The question: I manage a team of about 10. One member of the team likes to dominate the conversation during meetings to the point that I can’t hear what others have to say. I suspect this person is insecure in some way.Do you have any tips on how I can get them to quiet down […]


How can I accept being single? Am I just being just being too picky?

The question: I’m a successful woman in my early 30s, with a great career, close family and friends. After two very serious long-term relationships, I’ve been single for the last 2 years. After a few dates with any new prospect, I inevitably find flaws and call it quits. Is it okay to be picky? How […]


I think my mom should live in a nursing home. How can I broach the subject?

The question: I think it’s time for my 80-year-old mother to go into a nursing home in the next year or two. She is still healthy but not as strong as she once was. How can I broach this subject with her and prepare her? The answer: Speaking to a parent about transitioning to a […]


Dr. Samra interviewed about the slaughter of 100 huskies on Global National

Dr. Samra interviewed by Global National’s Rosa Hwang about the slaughter of 100 Siberian huskies in Whistler, BC following the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics.


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