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I keep sabotaging my weight loss. Can you help?

The question: I feel like I’m self-sabotaging my weight loss. I know what it takes to lose the weight. At 34, I’m not obese – but I’m chunky, and I’ve been skinny a number of times – but always put it back on. I can tell myself I’ll only have salad before I go out […]


Scientists search for cause and treatment for hoarding disorder

Scientists search for cause and treatment for hoarding disorder (by Mary Carole McCauley, The Baltimore Sun, September 29, 2011)   BALTIMORE — The table at Jack Samuels’ office, in Baltimore’s Fells Point, is piled two feet high with books, papers, scientific journals and grant applications.   Samuels’ wife likes to tease him that he has […]


Million Dollar participants/luncheon hosts brave going cold turkey from dining out: 100 Aldergrove families are eating at home while at the same time preparing a special luncheon to boost entire community

(by Staff, Langley Advance)   What would you do if you were challenged to eat only home-cooked meals every day for a week, to brownbag it while on the run?   No dining out.   No coffee breaks.   Just good old home cooking for one week.   Would you have to increase your cooking […]


The dangers of animal hoarding

(by Kroger Personal Finance)   If you have seen Animal Planet’s show, “Confessions: Animal Hoarding,” you know that hoarding animals is a serious issue that can quickly deteriorate into animal neglect, albeit unintentional. Many animal hoarders have the best intentions, but are oblivious to the harm they are inflicting on the animals in their possession. […]


Reality TV show tasks residents with finding jobs for eight neighbours

Reality TV show tasks residents with finding jobs for eight neighbours (by Heather Colpitts, Langley Advance, September 22, 2011) Several hundred people in Aldergrove are using all their means to find jobs for eight of their neighbours by this Sunday. They are sending out flyers, networking and speaking to media as they work with the […]


I’m ready to admit I’m a lesbian – but my girlfriend refuses

The question: I’m in my first real same sex relationship. After hiding my sexuality for years, I am finally ready to admit I am a lesbian. The woman I’m with doesn’t want to define me as her ‘girlfriend’ as she’s not admitting that she’s a lesbian. But we hang out every day, and I’m in […]


Reality TV show prompts Aldergrove residents to find jobs for neighbours; this week’s challenge is the right job for the right person

(by Heather Colpitts, Langley Advance)   Several hundred people in Aldergrove are using any means they can think of to get eight of their neighbours jobs by this Sunday.   They are sending out flyers, networking, speaking to the Langley Advance and whatever else they think could succeed as they work with the eight residents […]


My four year old categorically ignores me

The question: My four-year-old categorically ignores me. I think my requests are age-appropriate: put your shoes on, wash your hands etc. I’ve tried explaining that if we don’t get these things done we can’t do the fun things such as going to the park. I had expected this behaviour might occur when he grew older, […]


Missing boy’s quick return a good thing

(by Erica Bulman, 24 Hours)   Kienan Hebert’s age, relatively short captivity and his return to the home where he was snatched could minimize the long-term effects of his abduction, a psychologist said Sunday.   The three-year-old was delivered to his Sparwood home around 3 a.m. Sunday, unhurt, after being kidnapped Wednesday.   “Being apprehended […]


Marijuana addiction: study

(by Nimisha Sachdev,   Jonathan Stea, a PhD Scholar at the University of Calgary, is studying the addiction to marijuana and steps that can reduce the addiction.   The researcher, and his team, will be comparing around 100 participants who had smoked marijuana for a year and given up the habit by themselves, and […]


TV families holding garage sales; the reality show filming in Aldergrove has challenged families to declutter and sell stuff

(by Heather Colpitts, Langley Advance)   Bargain hunters may want to head to Aldergrove Sunday for a community garage sale that’s part of the Million Dollar Neighbourhood reality TV show.   The approximately 100 families participating in the show were given six days to declutter and find items to sell on Sunday, Sept. 11.   […]


Dr. Samra interviewed on CBC about Russian plane crash and its impact

Dr. Samra interviewed by CBC National’s Majula Dufresne about the Russian plane crash and the impact.   Backgrounder:   The Lokomotiv Yaroslavl air disaster occurred on Wednesday, 7 September 2011, when a airplane carrying the players and coaching staff of the professional ice hockey team crashed.  The aircraft ran off the runway before lifting off, […]


Debunking the marijuna myth

(by Michael Mui, 24 Hours)   A study into marijuana’s long-term psychological effects announced Wednesday aims to raise awareness among those who think the drug is “harmless.”   The study by Dr. Jonathan Stea is looking to identify and catalog “clusters of problems” in users. The University of Calgary psychologist said up to half of […]


My friend has terminal cancer. What can I do?

The question: My friend has terminal cancer. What are the best ways to support her emotionally?   The answer: The most important thing you can do is listen to your friend. This may sound easy but it can be stunningly difficult. Allow your friend to just talk. Give her permission to share the range of […]


Surviving the “Back to School” Schedule Shifts: Tips for Working Parents & Managers

Surviving the “Back to School” Schedule Shifts: Tips for Working Parents and Managers (Good Company Newsletter of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, September 7, 2011) For working parents, September signifies a shift in the structure of life. Vacations are coming to an end, summer routines and activities are dwindling and children are going back to […]


School speedsters on digital billboards

(by Erica Bulman, 24 Hours)   Children across the province are skipping their way back to school this week. Two of them are expected to die before the week is out, probably at an intersection, according to a B.C. organization dedicated to reducing avoidable injuries.   In an effort to curtail traffic accidents in school […]


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