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TV’s reality enters final phase

(by Heather Colpitts, Langley Advance)   Aldergrove’s financial families are taking on a very business-based challenge.   As the filming winds down in December for the reality TV show Million Dollar Neighbourhood, the participating families will take part in Pitch Day.   On Nov. 30, they’ll host Aldergrove Investor Forum – Pitch Day, and are […]


My mother has perfected the guilt trip

The question: My mother has perfected the guilt trip. Nothing I do is ever good enough. If I visit for a day, I should be spending the night, for example. I’m an adult woman with a life of my own. How do I get her to back off without hurting her feelings? She’s very sensitive. […]


Million Dollar Neighbourhood premieres January 22nd @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT

In the debt-ridden town of Aldergrove, the community is teaming up for a million dollar challenge that could change their fortunes forever as they attempt to increase their net worth by a million dollars in three months.   Each week, the entire community comes together to save an average of $100,000 per week in a […]


My friend can’t stop pining for the wrong guy

The question: My friend has been pining over a guy who is stringing her along. It’s been over a year now. How do I convince her it’s time to move on?   The answer: Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, there is very little if anything that any of us can do […]


Fighting bullying is not just a job for schools

(by Geoff Johnson, The Victoria Times Colonist)   Bullying is a learned behaviour. Kids learn to be bullies, often from growing up in an environment devoid of empathy as a value. Sometimes bullying is learned from a larger, more powerful bully – an older child, a parent, an adult acquaintance, an authority figure or maybe […]


My wife is inconsolable after three miscarriages

The question: My wife is inconsolable after three miscarriages. What can I do?   The answer: There are a number of things that may be help your wife through this difficult and understandably emotional time.   First, resist the tendency to problem-solve. Let her know that you love and care about her, and that you […]


Grove on board with trolley

Grove on board with trolley: Langford lends Aldergrove a trolley as the community research how to improve local tranportation (by Heather Colpitts, Langley Advance, November 8, 2011)   From the moment they saw it, Aldergrove residents fell.   Aldergrove is sick of waiting for better public transit and a group of residents are grabbing the […]


Dr. Samra comments on new workplace stress guidelines on CBC’s All Points West

Dr. Samra interviewed on CBC’s All Points West afternoon program about the new workplace stress guidelines announced by the Province on November 3.   To view backgrounder, click Worker’s Compensation Act expands mental stress coverage.


Dr. Samra comments on new WorkSafe BC standards re: mental injuries at work

Dr. Samra interviewed by CTV about new WorkSafe BC standards for compensating mental injuries at work.


Public consultation for National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace underway

As the leading cause of short and long term disability in Canadian workplaces, psychological health and safety impacts in Canada are substantial.   However, in 2012 Canadian employers will have increased support for improving the psychological health and safety of their employees with the development of a National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and […]


Workers Compensation Act expands mental stress coverage

NEWS RELEASE: For Immediate Release, Ministry of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government   VICTORIA – Amendments to the Workers Compensation Act were introduced today in the legislature by the Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government. The proposed changes ensure the current workers’ compensation system remains responsive to the needs […]


Aldergrove to launch community trolley service

Aldergrove to launch community trolley service (by Kurt Langmann, Aldergrove Star, November 3, 2011) After years of vainly lobbying TransLink for a community shuttle bus service Aldergrove is following the lead of Langford and launching a community trolley bus service. Locals will get a sneak preview of the proposed service today (Nov. 3) as Langford […]


Register now: Bottom Line Conference in Vancouver February 29 and March 1, 2012

Program and Speaker Highlights   Join the conversation and learn more about building workplace mental health through our motivating speakers and engaging workshops. Dr. Ali Dastmalchian, Professor and Dean, Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria will talk about promoting psychological health in organizations – with a focus on workplace relations – during […]


Help! My husband is overprotective of our teen daughter

The question: My husband is overprotective of our teen daughter. I worry about her as well but he is downright irrational. How can I get him to relax and give her independence?   The answer: The reality is that there are some worries about a teenage daughter that are different than the concerns that come […]


Dr. Samra a panelist at the 2011 Excellent Canada Summit on “Return to Excellence”

Dr. Samra a panelist at the 2011 Excellence Canada Summit on “Return to Excellence” in Toronto, Ontario on November 1, 2011. The vision of Excellence Canada is to “promote and enable excellence in every organization in Canada. Excellent organizations are those that continually improve performance and results and are innovative, competitive, healthy and sustainable workplaces.”


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