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Negative news stories can affect our mood, but feeling doesn’t last: doctor

(by Amy Judd, Global News)   It appeared that on Wednesday, Canada was a scary and dangerous place.   News reports after news reports revealed stories about a man wanted in connection to the attempted murder of his former landlord and possibly two other people, five people dead after a shooting rampage in Seattle, a manhunt […]


Help – I think my friend has a gambling problem

The question:   I think a friend has a gambling problem. It’s not like he’s playing video terminals every night, but he seems to treat a trip to the casino more as a way to supplement his income than as a fun time out. Am I overreacting or does he need help?   The answer: […]


Dr. Samra interviewed by Global TV’s Brian Coxford on Variety Lottery winner

Dr. Samra interviewed by Global TV’s Brian Coxford for her professional opinion on the following story:   (by Staff, Shaw Media)   On Saturday May 26 Andrew Fraser of Squamish became a big winner when his name was pulled in the Variety Children’s Charity Lottery.   Fraser won the choice of a house or a […]


Changes to EI puts additional stress on you: psychologist – Dr. Joti Samra says the adjustments will bring extra stress if you lose your job

(radio interview with Joanne Abshire, News 1130 commenting on the psychological impact of recent federal changes to EI)   (by Andrew Hopkins, News 1130)   With Ottawa tightening the rules around Employment Insurance, the adjustments are expected to bring some extra stress if you lose your job.   Psychologist Dr Joti Samra says forcing recipients […]


He got the promotion I wanted. How do I handle it?

The question:   My colleague received a promotion I thought I should have gotten. Frankly, I’m not impressed with his “work ethic,” but he’s good at playing office politics. How can I get over my disappointment and act civilly around him when I feel he’s dogging it?   The answer:   Actual or perceived unfairness […]


My friend had a psychotic episode – do I reach out or step back?

The question:   A friend of mine has gone through what I think is a psychotic episode. Her family is getting her help, but she’s months away from a full diagnosis. How should I proceed? Reach out to her, or stand back and let her get the help she needs before making contact?   The […]


How do I deal with my sore loser sister?

The question:   My sister is a sore loser. Tennis, Scrabble, poker – any “game” brings out her competitive streak, and she’s no fun to be around. How should I deal with it?   The answer:   Dealing with anyone who is a sore loser can suck the fun out of playing a game altogether. […]


He won’t end his affair – what can my friend do?

The question:   I have a friend who’s deeply conflicted. She’s found out her partner’s been having an affair – and continued to do so even after she found out. He says it’s a short term thing, but obviously isn’t willing to put a stop to it just yet. She has left him a few […]


Dr. Samra the opening keynote speaker for health and safety activists in Winnipeg, May 3-5, 2012

Dr. Joti Samra is the opening keynote speaker at a three day conference for Health and Safety Activists for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 832 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She will speak about Building a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace.


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