Changes to EI puts additional stress on you: psychologist – Dr. Joti Samra says the adjustments will bring extra stress if you lose your job

(radio interview with Joanne Abshire, News 1130 commenting on the psychological impact of recent federal changes to EI)


(by Andrew Hopkins, News 1130)


With Ottawa tightening the rules around Employment Insurance, the adjustments are expected to bring some extra stress if you lose your job.


Psychologist Dr Joti Samra says forcing recipients to accept lower paying job offers or risk losing their benefits, will only add to the uncertainty of being without work.


“Anytime that we look at changes coming into the system that are unclear or that shift procedures and protocol that are required for compensation, that certainly can increase stress levels for many individuals,” she believes.
Samra adds many families are already struggling to cover their expenses.


“A change, even if 10 or 15 or 20 per cent, for many families can be the difference between being able to make regular monthly minimum payments on mortgages, cars, groceries versus not being able to meet that.”


Still, she admits external incentives to motivate people to get back to work after a few months are important.



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