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Many young people don’t consider ‘sexting’ taboo: survey – most see it as another way to flirt

(Sonia Aslam, NEWS1130) – Sexting apparently isn’t as risqué as once thought.   University of Michigan researchers have found most people between 18 and 24 think sexting is just another way of flirting. For those who don’t know, sexting is where you send or receive a sexual message on your phone, often including pictures.   […]


I do want kids – but not just yet. How do I prepare to be a mom?

The question:   I’m in my early 30s and I do want kids – eventually, just not now. I just don’t feel ready, yet as a woman I know the clock’s ticking. How do I prepare myself for what I imagine will be a sea of change in my life?   The answer:   The […]


Dr. Samra on the risk of having personal photos leaked on social media, and why people take the risk

Dr. Samra interviewed by Sonia Aslam of News1130 regarding a story on social media and how people continue to snap inappropriate photos of themselves, or allow others to take inappropriate photos of themselves, and run of the risk of them being leaked via social media.The Carly Rae Jepsen case was cited, in she told the […]


Bill 14 increases compensability of psychological disorders for WorkSafe BC

Please see this link to Bill 14:  


Dr. Samra interviewed on Global BC about our emotional connection to animals: July 20, 2012

Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by Anna Drewa, reporter and anchor for Global BC, about our emotions in regards to our pets and animals given the recent treatment of animals in the news.


My husband takes solo vacations – am I wrong to resent it?

The question:   My husband takes vacations on his own. He does also go on holidays with my daughter and me, but I’m feeling a little resentful of his solo time off. Am I wrong to feel that way?   The answer:   There is a lot to be said for the value and importance […]


She wants kids, I’m old enough to be her dad – can this relationship work?

The question:   I’m dating a woman who’s 20 years my junior. I’m into her, but she wants children, and that’s the last thing on my radar. What should I do?   The answer:   May-December relationships can certainly work, but they are not without their challenges. Relationships, even in the best of circumstances, are […]


Are relationship “agreements” healthy, or just weird?

The question:   I’m hearing more and more about relationship agreements – like the one between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife – in which partners commit to certain behaviours in a formal document. Do you think this is healthy for a relationship or is it just weird?   The answer:   Virtually every type […]


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