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My friend’s guy hit on me – and I may be interested. What should I do?

The question:   My friend’s boyfriend came on to me. She has no idea. I shut him down, but I think I’m hot for him too. What should I do?   The answer:   Stop and ask yourself one question: If the roles were reversed and you were in your friend’s shoes, what you would […]


Keeping tabs on first-year stress

by Anna Sharratt,   Dr. Stan Kutcher knows to expect many phone calls in the first few weeks of the academic year. The holder of the Sun Life Financial Chair in adolescent mental health at Halifax’s Dalhousie University says the calls come from parents of freshmen worried about their children’s mental health as they […]


I love my sister but can’t stand her husband. What should I do?

The question:   I love my sister and her kids but can’t stand being around her husband, so I don’t see them as often as I’d like. Should I broach the subject with her or just bite my tongue?   The answer:   Ahhh, family members and the outlaws – two of the biggest sources […]


Dr. Samra interviewed on CKNW’s “The Mortgage Show” about emotional decision making when it comes to mortgages: August 23, 2012

Dr. Samra interviewed by Angela Calla, Mortgage Expert and Host of “The Mortgage Show” on CKNW AM980.   When it comes to saving thousands of dollars on your mortgage, you have to consider what’s best for you and your family, not about any personal relationships you have established at a bank or other financial institution. […]


He eats meat, I don’t – do we have a future together?

The question:   I’m a vegetarian but my boyfriend is an avowed meat eater. The complications are both practical and philosophical. Is there a future for us?   The answer:   Every couple is faced to some degree with fundamental differences in terms of beliefs and values. Successful couples are able to respectfully negotiate, comprise […]


My friend borrowed a bundle from me – how do I get him to pay it back?

The question:   I have a friend who I’ve known almost my whole life. A while ago, he asked me to wire him money because he “lost his wallet” – and not a small amount. Then he dropped out of sight. It turns out his life was nosediving because of alcohol and he wound up […]


Bowmanville comes together for television food fight; filming going well in Bowmanville for Oprah Winfrey Network Show

(Tara Hatherly,   The Bowmanville community came together in front of television’s bright lights for The Great Bowmanville Food Fight Saturday at Quarry Lakes Golf and Recreation Centre.   One hundred Bowmanville families faced off against a 31-degree sun and each other during filming for season two of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Million Dollar […]


How do I deal with deep travel anxiety?

The question: I have bad travel anxiety. I get extremely worked up a few days before a trip. It’s not fear of flying, but something deeper. How can I deal with it?   The answer: Travel-related anxiety is one of the most common fears. A fair proportion (10 to 15 per cent) of air travellers […]


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