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Keep it up: 6 easy steps to keep you fitness-focused

The question:   Every week I start fresh and aim to eat well, exercise, get rest, all the good stuff. By Thursdays, my plan is right off the rails. How do I commit to bettering myself and staying on track?   The answer:   There are only a handful of things in life that are […]


I want my boomerang son to move out, but my husband wants him to stay

The question:   My son recently moved back home into the basement – with his girlfriend. I want him to be on his own two feet, but my spouse won’t take a stand. What should I do?   The answer:   You were a walking zombie during the sleepless, colicky nights. With some creative disaster-proofing, […]


Summer’s over – how do I get motivated to work again?

The question:   I’m finally back at work after taking most of the summer off – I took relaxing very literally. But now reality is setting in at the office and I’m completely unmotivated to do real work. How can I get myself back on track after such a long break?   The answer:   […]


How do I get my control freak friend to dial it back?

The question:   I have a friend who is a bit of a control freak. Whenever we’re making plans, she needs to organize. How do I get her to loosen her grip and allow other people to have input and make decisions?   The answer:   None of us have the power to make anyone […]


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