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Selfless promotions set to spread city with compassion

(Kendall Walters, 24 Hours)   Random acts of kindness are about to get a little bit less random this November, when the Pass It On: Kindness campaign, World Kindness Concert and 30 Days of Kindness hit Vancouver.   The Pass It On: Kindness campaign – the brainchild of four Vancouver Film School students – will […]


Dr. Samra interviewed on CTV Live about Halloween and what to tell your kids

Dr. Samra interviewed on CTV Breakfast Live by Aamer Haleem about Halloween, trick or treating and what parents should tell their kids. Questions during the segment included: At what age can your kids go trick or treating along without supervision? Does delving into the dark side of things have any adverse effects on young kids? […]


How do I stop being the family doormat?

The question:   My parents have never emotionally supported me and see me as a disappointment because I am divorced, yet I feel a responsibility to maintain regular contact and be there to help them with whatever they need (attending medical appointments, booking their travel). I’m 44 years old, live my life according to good […]


Dr. Samra interviewed by GlobalBC about public perception of Premier Christy Clark

Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by GlobalBC about public perceptions and reactions to Premier Christy Clark and in general about how women react to aggression among politicians in the media.   This interview is related to this post, published in The Globe and Mail (22.10.12)


Dr. Samra interviewed on CTV National News about the new Ipsos Reid Survey on emotional intelligence

Dr. Samra interviewed on CTV National News to discuss the results of the new Ipsos Reid survey released on emotional intelligence based on national project she led entitled Managing Emotions.


My friend just had a baby and ignores me now. What do I do?

The question:   My friend just had her first baby. I told her to call if she needs anything, but we haven’t been in touch much lately. Should I keep approaching her in case she really does need help, or give her some space and trust she’ll contact me when the time is right? I […]


High-profile suicides can lead to copycats, doc warns

by Mike Lloyd/Dean Recksiedler, News 1130   Can we stop the copycats?   Highly-publicized teen suicides, like the case of Amanda Todd, can increase the risk of others trying to do the same, but a clinical psychologist tells News1130 there are ways to prevent that from happening.   “We know suicide is a very complex […]


Dr. Joti speaks with News 1130 about the tragic death of Amanda Todd and the risk of copycat suicides, October 16, 2012

Dr. Joti Samra spoke with Dean Recksiedler about the suicide of Amanda Todd and the potential risk of copycat suicides of other teens who may have seen all of the attention the death has garnered in the media.  


I’m pretty sure my friend is gay… how do I ask him?

The question:   There’s a group of us who hang out, and we are pretty sure that one of our friends is gay. We don’t care, we just wish he wouldn’t hide it if that’s the case. Should we ask him outright?   The answer:   Coming out is a deeply personal process that can […]


I said “yes” when I should have said “no”. What do I do?

The question:   I told a friend about a job I was applying for. The opportunity excited her, and she asked if she could apply too. I said okay, but I’m really ticked now and feel like I can’t trust her. Can our friendship be salvaged?   The answer:   Let me get this straight: […]


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