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My troubled son fights with my new wife. What do I do?

The question:   For the last year my son has been living with me and my current wife. He was taken away from his biological mother’s home because of physical and emotional abuse. Now my son and my wife have power struggles. Anything is a fight, even simple things like doing his chores. And it […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by Susana da Silva, CBC about Kayla Bourque, ‘sociopathic’ animal killer to be released on probation

A 22-year-old B.C. woman who admitted to taking delight in killing animals and fantasizing about shooting homeless people is set to be released on probation with strict conditions.   One psychologist who spoke with Kayla Bourque ahead of her sentencing Wednesday in Vancouver Provincial Court testified she will likely require supervision for the rest of […]


We’re both divorced. Now why won’t he marry me?

The question:   My common-law partner and I have both had previous marriages. I’ve always wanted to marry again, but he refuses to even speak about the possibility. He pulls away emotionally and physically each time I’ve asked. Why can’t he get over the past and start fresh with me? I’m ready to be a […]


Gender gap poses massive hurdle for Christy Clark

(Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun)   Addressing a group of about 130 women in Vancouver last month, Premier Christy Clark shared a small slice of what it’s like to balance life as both a premier and a mom.   She took the crowd back to her son Hamish’s first day of school in September, as he […]


My partner committed suicide. How do I move on?

The question:   Almost three years ago my partner committed suicide. He suffered from depression. We were only dating for a year, but I find his death still gets to me. It’s especially difficult now for me to date people. I used to be a very patient, happy, joking person. Since it happened, I feel […]


How can I be sure my friend is in a happy relationship?

The question:   There’s a couple who are both friends of mine, but they want very different things. As a woman, I understand my female friend’s desire for marriage, kids and the house in the suburbs. He’s not that into it, but follows along. I’m concerned he’ll end up miserable in a life he didn’t […]


Dr. Samra interviewed by CBC News about the potential for copycats in the Vancouver’s Skytrain system

Dr. Samra interviewed by Dan Burritt of CBC News regarding the potential for an problem with copycats who may throw devices (dangerous or not) onto Vancouver’s rapid transit Skytrain system. What motivates this kind of behaviour? Is it dangerous?


Should I stay with my girlfriend, or sow my wild oats first?

The question:   I’m a guy who loves his girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean I’m not attracted to other women. I’m in my 20s and making good money. Is it a bad idea to sow my wild oats now, before I’m fully committed?   The answer:   Umm … the fact that you are asking […]


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