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Argh, my daughter is always late! How do get her to be on time?

The question:   My teenage daughter is always late, and it drives me crazy. She’s not a bad kid at all. But the moment I ask her what time she’ll be home, what time I can pick her up, what time she’ll be ready for dinner, she is never on time. The added frustration is […]


Our sex life is great, so why does my boyfriend want to take Viagra?

The question:   My boyfriend wants to take erectile dysfunction medication to enhance his performance. Why would he want to do that? I think our sex life is great, and I don’t want medication to make it unnatural and weird.   The answer:   There may be a number of reasons as to why your […]


My sister is an attention-seeking hot head. How do I deal with her?

The question:   It’s clear to our entire family that my adult sister has big emotional issues, but she won’t recognize this fact. How do I deal with her mood swings in a loving way, but also not promote further outbursts that seem to only be brought on for attention?   The answer:   Speaking […]


Why do I still think about my dead ex-husband?

The question:   I suppose this is a problem of old age, but I think constantly about my ex-husband, who has been dead for almost 40 years. Could this be from unresolved trauma? It was not a happy marriage.   The answer:   Regularly thinking about someone who was an important part of your life […]


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