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My parents are getting old and forgetful, but they won’t acknowledge it

The question:   My parents are aging and showing signs of slowing down mentally. I’m concerned about Alzheimer’s some time down the road, but they don’t even notice it. They say I’m overreacting. How can I get them to acknowledge that they may need help sooner rather than later?   The answer:   Having a […]


Disaster Resources

· Coping with Disaster <> FEMA – · Managing traumatic stress: Tips for recovering from disaster and other traumatic events <> American Psychological Association · Taking Care of Your Emotional Health After a Disaster <> American Red Cross · Recovering Emotionally <> American Red Cross · Helping Children Cope with […]


Shift work is ruining my sleep. How can I fix it?

The question:   I recently started a new job that requires me to work shifts; I am constantly exhausted, and can’t seem to get my sleep under control. I don’t want to take medications as I’m worried I will become addicted. What can I do?   The answer:   Edgar Watson Howe summed it up […]


I have less stress in my life. Can I stop taking antidepressants?

The question:   I have suffered for many years with suicidal depression, which I’ve controlled with antidepressants. I have retired from a very stressful job and moved to a more peaceful community. I would like to discontinue the antidepressants as they have unpleasant side effects, but my husband fears my suicidal depression will return. I […]


She thinks botox is the answer to her problems. How do I stop her?

The Question:   My friend is convinced she has wrinkles and needs to get botox. She has absolutely no wrinkles that I can see (in fact, her skin is wonderful). I am concerned about her warped perception of her appearance. Why can’t she be happy with how she naturally looks?   The Answer:   A […]


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