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Exercise: A nice-to or a need-to

Get 8 hours of sleep. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. And exercise regularly. Simple, right?   These key messages have been ingrained into most of our heads since childhood, through a combination of lectures from our parents, plastering of glossy food-group charts in our elementary schools, and public campaigns such ParticipACTION. […]


How do I convince my son to take a break from his girlfriend?

The question:   My 22-year-old son is dating a girl who his highly dependent on him. He struggles on and off with a marijuana addiction and is trying to get back on his feet. She is seeking therapy for a variety of reasons herself. How do I persuade them that it’s healthier to take some […]


Pollsters not to blame for innacurate election prediction: Angus Reid

(Alison Roach – The Peak: Student Newspaper of Simon Fraser University)   After the 2013 BC provincial election ended with a surprising Liberal victory, many are looking for something to blame the shock on, and landing on the polls.   Heading into campaigning, the BC Liberals were trailing the BC NDP by a significant 20 […]


My father is a workaholic. How do I get him to slow down?

The question:   My father overworks himself because he was laid off a number of years ago and he hasn’t made as much money, or pension, since then. He feels like he needs to work six days a week, and take any overtime offered by his current job, to make as much money as he […]


My family is smothering me. How do I tell them I need space?

The question:   I’m approaching 30 and living at home to help support my mother. I’m very devoted to my family, but starting to feel a bit smothered by all the responsibility. How can I demonstrate my need for alone time and independence – without offending my family – while I’m still living at home? […]


My friend had a miscarriage. How can I help her?

The question:   My friend was a few months along in her pregnancy when she recently had a miscarriage. How do I support her without being intrusive or overbearing?   The answer:   Miscarriages are, unfortunately, relatively common. Up to one out of five women will experience a miscarriage, with the large number occurring within […]


I’m in a new city and horribly homesick. How do I adjust?

The question:   My husband was offered a job that we couldn’t refuse and we recently moved to Alberta from Ontario as a result. Now I’m horribly homesick. He is doing well because he is very busy at the office, but I am struggling to find a job and I miss my friends and family. […]


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