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I no longer love my career. Should I go back to school?

The question:   I’m 29 and have a good career. But for the past few years I have not felt as passionate about my work as I used to. I like the idea of embarking on a new career and have at times looked at going back to school. While I know it’s important to […]


Resources from APA for those who may be impacted by flooding in Alberta

Flood Related Resources: · Manage Flood-Related Distress by Building Resilience (APA) Outlines steps one can take to reduce stressful emotions in the midst of flood-related chaos by strengthening one’s resilience. <> · Strengthening Your Emotional Well-Being Ahead of the Flood (APA) Tips about simple and effective ways to manage flood-related fears and anxiety. <> […]


My girlfriend wants to meet my children. When is the right time?

  The question:   I’ve been divorced for a few years and have two children, 10 and 8. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year and half. I want to introduce my children to her, but I’m unsure if it’s too soon. My girlfriend wants to meet them as well and is very […]


I’ve lost family to cancer and fear I’m next. How do I stop worrying?

The question:   I recently have had a string of deaths in the family, all from cancer. Now I stress out about every little bump on my body. I’ve been to the doctors, who say I’m fine, but I’m still anxious all the time. What can I do to not feel crazy?   The answer: […]


We don’t want children. How do I convince my parents the choice is ours?

The question:   I don’t want children, but this upsets my family and in particular my parents who are looking forward to having grandchildren. How do I get them to understand once and for all that my husband and I are content in our lives and don’t want kids?   The answer:   Statistics from […]


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