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Dr. Joti Samra Interviewed by Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver, on 14 Year old boy allegedly Committing Sex Offense

(By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver)   Delta police has arrested a 14-year-old boy after the alleged sexual assaults of six women in the Tsawwassen area.   The latest incidents, which occurred between May and July, come as a man, who was 17 when he attempted to sexually assault four women in Delta’s Mackie Park […]


My current partner hates when I talk about my late husband. Help!

The question:   I lost my husband eight years ago unexpectedly after he took his life. We were married for 30 years and together for 34. I thought we had a wonderful marriage together, others may not agree. After 2 1/2 years, I remarried a man that has a totally opposite personality from the first. […]


Dr. Samra Interviewed by Christine Tam, Global National, on Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal and Huma Abedin standing by her Husband

(By Christine Tam Global News)   The sight of Huma Abedin standing next to her husband Anthony Weiner while he admitted to newly-surfaced online sexts with another woman was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton circa 1992, or at the very least a scene out of the television drama The Good Wife.   In U.S. politics, it’s […]


My in-laws live next door. Is it time for us to move?

The question:   I’m in my late 20s and have been married for close to two years. About 6 months ago, my in-laws decided to downsize and bought a townhouse on our street. While I respect and care for my husband’s family, I don’t appreciate living so close to his parents. I don’t feel like […]


I’m anxious, worried and sad. Should I stop taking birth control pills?

The question:   I’ve been taking a low dose birth control pill for about a year now and I’m wondering how much of an effect the hormones can have on my mood. I’ve always suffered from mild anxiety, but lately I just don’t feel like myself. I could be fine one minute and the next […]


Dr. Samra Interviewed by Geoff Hastings, Global TV, about Stats Can data on declining fertility rates

(Misty Harris, Postmedia News)   The “white picket fence and 2.5 children” that long signalled the domestic dream isn’t just outdated because our architectural tastes have evolved. According to new figures from Statistics Canada, women on average haven’t had families that large since 1968 — nor do they appear to be headed that way any […]


My husband no longer wants children. Should I file for divorce?

The question:   When we got married my husband said he wanted to have kids. Now, several years into our marriage he has decided that kids are not part of his future. I still desperately want to have children. Knowing that there isn’t much to compromise on this, what should I do? Do I wait […]


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