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Is it harmful to go on and off medications for my mood?

The question:   I only want to take medication during more difficult or stressful moments in my life. Is it harmful to go on and off medication for my mood depending on how I’m feeling?   The answer:   It really depends. It depends on what medications you are taking; on their intended usage; on […]


Cheating Problem: Should You Tell A Friend You Think Her Husband Is Cheating?

You know how to spot a cheater: The late nights at the office, the newfound interest in looking good — and don’t even think about getting close to their cellphone. But what do you do when the two-timer you think you’ve identified is your good friend’s spouse? That’s the difficult dilemma clinical psychologist Joti Samra […]


My friend thinks her husband is cheating. I agree, but do I say so?

The question:   My friend thinks her husband is cheating on her. They have been married for six years and have a child. From what she’s told me about their relationship, it seems like all the signs are pointing to infidelity: things have gone downhill fast and there is no intimacy. She’s asked me what […]


How do I stop being a people pleaser?

The question:   I have a really hard time saying no to people but realize it’s time to be more assertive. Are there specific strategies to help me do this?   The answer:   Assertiveness – being able to respectfully communicate your ideas, feelings and needs, while at the same time balancing the needs of […]


Is dating my co-worker a good idea?

The question:   Should I date my co-worker and mix business with pleasure? I take my work seriously but I’m torn because I don’t want to pass up the opportunity of meeting someone great either. Office romances seem to work for some, but could I be complicating matters?   The answer:   Ah, the office […]


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