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Guarding Minds @ Work: A Workplace Guide to Psychological Safety & Health

Dr. Samra is the lead principal in Guarding Minds @ Work (GM@W). GM@W is a free, evidence-based strategy that helps employers protect and promote psychological safety and health in their workplace. GM@W provides a comprehensive set of resources that employers can use to easily assess and address 12 psychosocial risk (PSR) factors known to have a powerful impact on organizational health, the health of individual employees, and the financial bottom line. The 12 PSRs were identified on the basis of extensive research and review of empirical data from national and international best practices. In addition, the factors were determined based on existing and emerging Canadian case law and legislation. Guarding Minds @ Work is available to all employers – large or small, in the public or private sector – at no cost.

Managing Emotions

Dr. Samra is the principal developer of Managing Emotions: NEW, freely available training resources for emotional intelligence in the workplace that will be launched on October 4, 2011.

Launch Event Description: You Asked For It – You Got It: Managing Mental Health Matters™ (Pre-Conference Workshop, Health Work & Wellness Conference, Toronto, ON, October 4, 2011)

Presented by Mary Ann Baynton, Program Director, Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace and co-facilitated by Dr. Joti Samra, principal developer of the resource.
At the conclusion of the Health Work & Wellness Conference™ in 2010, delegates requested a tool to assess and improve the emotional intelligence of managers. This Managing Mental Health Matters™ module on interpersonal competence is the response to this request. At this session you can confidentially learn about how you manage your own emotions and how you respond to the emotions of others. We will also have a laugh or two as we consider how to improve our skills in these areas to make our own lives and those around us a little easier. Take this learning back to your workplace and advocate for the implementation of these free tools to assess and improve the emotionally intelligence of your managers, union reps and others who work with or support workers.
All participants will be sent a link to confidentially assess their own competence so that they will come with an awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement. No one will be asked to share their results, but it will add personal context and meaning to the session.

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Dr. Samra has co-authored a number of treatment books and resource for patients, families & clinicians.
Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace