Dr. Joti Samra speaks to Sonia Aslam, News 1130, about PTSD Among First Responders

(Tristin Hopper | July 17, 2014)   Six years after Vince Li beheaded a Greyhound passenger, another death: Mountie at the scene commits suicide   One of the Mounties who responded to the 2008 Manitoba bus beheading committed suicide on the weekend after years of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.   “It was a very rapid [...]


Dr. Joti Samra talks to The Province about The Bystander Effect

(By Susan Lazaruk, The Province July 16, 2014)   Is chivalry dead?   A woman whose purse was snatched from the busy food court at Metrotown was dismayed that none of the 100 people who heard her screaming for help joined her to chase after the thief.   “I’m not sure if I’m mourning the [...]


Dr. Joti Samra speaks to The Province about Seriously stressed-out students on the rise on post-secondary campuses

(By Paul Luke, The Province April 21, 2014)   University of B.C. student ­Saniya Jamal never dreamed that stress could be such a powerful ally and such a punishing opponent.   Jamal, who graduated last year from Western University in ­Ontario with a BA in French and linguistics, has set her sights on winning admission [...]


Dr. Joti Samra article on Archetypes – 7 ways to Stop being a People Pleaser

(by Michele Laufik)     Be OK with Speaking Up “The problem is that people confuse being assertive with being a jerk,” explains Larry Winget, author of “Grow a Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business, and Your Sanity.” “Nothing could be more incorrect.” It’s simply respectful behavior, [...]


Dr. Joti Samra Featured in City Life Magazine – 10 People Who will Change your Life

(February 5, 2014 by Simona Panetta)   Haven’t yet lost that dreadful muffin top or made amends with your latest friend-turned-foe? Nowhere near achieving the relationship or career you so desperately want, need? We called upon the experts to crank up our happy-o-meter with motivational tips that will take us that much closer to personal [...]


Dr. Joti Samra’s article for BC Medical Journal – Six-step plan for effective behavior changes

If you are like most people, you have likely made at least one new year’s resolution focused on improving your physical or emotional health. Unfortunately, we know that by July of this year 94% of us will have forgotten or failed to achieve our resolution. So, here are some effective tips that can help you [...]


Dr. Joti Samra talks to The Province Newspaper about New Year’s Resolutions

(By Susan Lazaruk, The Province)   A large group of Vancouverites may be too a) lazy b) cynical or c) fit already; 42 per cent of people surveyed said they have no plans to make a fitness resolution for 2014.   And 15 per cent of respondents to the Ipsos Reid survey admitted they’ll formally [...]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by The StarPheonix about Keeping a lid on holiday stress

(By Dana Gee, Postmedia News)   With the holiday season gearing up to full speed, stress levels are also rising. To help us enjoy the good aspects and better manage the bad, we asked psychologist Dr. Joti Samra, an adjunct professor at B.C.’s Simon Fraser University, to offer her insight into how to deal with [...]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by The Province about Holiday stress leading to excess

(By Ian Austin, The Province)   I’m dreaming of … an electronic Christmas.   That’s the lament of SFU psychologist Dr. Joti Samra, who fears that our increasingly commercial holiday season is causing stressed-out consumers who turn to food, drink and shopping in excess as a result.   Samra, who also has a clinical practice [...]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by The Province on how to keep a lid on Holiday Stress

(By Dana Gee, The Province)   With the holiday season gearing up to full speed, stress levels are also rising. To help us enjoy the good aspects and better manage the bad, we asked psychologist Dr. Joti Samra, an adjunct SFU professor, to offer her insight into how to deal with the most common causes [...]


Dr. Joti Samra speaks to The Province newspaper – Is it time to take the iPad away from your kid?

(By Cheryl Chan, The Province) Cecilia Dubon remembers the moment she decided her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter needed an iPad detox.   They had just arrived home after a Nevada road trip and Natalia was shrieking her head off, demanding to use her “ABC.”   “She kept on going, ‘ABC! ABC!’ and we told her, ‘No ABC,’ [...]


Cheating Problem: Should You Tell A Friend You Think Her Husband Is Cheating?

You know how to spot a cheater: The late nights at the office, the newfound interest in looking good — and don’t even think about getting close to their cellphone. But what do you do when the two-timer you think you’ve identified is your good friend’s spouse? That’s the difficult dilemma clinical psychologist Joti Samra [...]


Dr. Joti Samra Interviewed by Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver, on 14 Year old boy allegedly Committing Sex Offense

(By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver)   Delta police has arrested a 14-year-old boy after the alleged sexual assaults of six women in the Tsawwassen area.   The latest incidents, which occurred between May and July, come as a man, who was 17 when he attempted to sexually assault four women in Delta’s Mackie Park [...]


Dr. Samra Interviewed by Christine Tam, Global National, on Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal and Huma Abedin standing by her Husband

(By Christine Tam Global News)   The sight of Huma Abedin standing next to her husband Anthony Weiner while he admitted to newly-surfaced online sexts with another woman was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton circa 1992, or at the very least a scene out of the television drama The Good Wife.   In U.S. politics, it’s [...]


Exercise: A nice-to or a need-to

Get 8 hours of sleep. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. And exercise regularly. Simple, right?   These key messages have been ingrained into most of our heads since childhood, through a combination of lectures from our parents, plastering of glossy food-group charts in our elementary schools, and public campaigns such ParticipACTION. [...]


Pollsters not to blame for innacurate election prediction: Angus Reid

(Alison Roach – The Peak: Student Newspaper of Simon Fraser University)   After the 2013 BC provincial election ended with a surprising Liberal victory, many are looking for something to blame the shock on, and landing on the polls.   Heading into campaigning, the BC Liberals were trailing the BC NDP by a significant 20 [...]


A Beautiful Mind with Dr. Joti Samra

(by Crystal Jensen, Beauty Blogger at beautybuzz411.com)   Dr. Joti Samra is an innovator in the area of psychological health and wellness. She is a leader in the conceptualization and communication of psychological health issues and the creation of related treatment manuals, clinical tools, and training resources. Dr. Samra is a passionate advocate for organizational [...]


Dr. Joti Samra talks to ‘News 1130′s’ Joanne Abshire on the return of the NHL and the impact it may have on couples’ relationships

(Joanne Abshire, News 1130)   VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With the NHL lockout ending, some non-hockey fans in relationships may be worried about losing their partner to the sport.   People who have a die-hard Canucks fans in their life, but personally could care less about the team, can expect to have more free time.   [...]

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