Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by Spice Radio Vancouver about bullying

Provocative new study finds bullies have highest self esteem, social status, lowest rates of depression   A just-published Canadian study has added heft to a provocative new theory about bullying: that the behaviour is literally in the genes, an inherited trait that actually helps build social rank and sex appeal.   If accepted, the hypothesis […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 – cutting down on screen time for kids

(by Kenny Mason – Posted July 16, 2015)     VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The fight to get kids to put down that iPad or smartphone can be difficult.   Dr. Joti Samra believes if you want kids to take some time away from their toys, you need to, as well.   “Ensure that you have […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 – Talking to kids about Gender Identity as Caitlyn Jenner makes Transformation

(by Simon Druker) (Courtesy Twitter @Caitlyn_Jenner)   LOS ANGELES (NEWS 1130) – Caitlyn Jenner has been all over the news during the past week, but how do you talk to your kids about the sensitive topic of gender identity.   There are a lot of young kids and teens who are following Jenner’s public transformation […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 – ‘I wish my teacher knew’ approach is one worth exploring

(by Simon Druker and Martin MacMahon)   VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Colorado teacher’s approach to how she got her students to open up about their problems gained attention across the US and Canada last week.   Kyle Schwartz left a box with the message “I wish my teacher knew” on it. Students then filled in […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed on News 1140 on Depression following the Vancouver Canucks blowing their shot in the Stanley Cup

(by Shannon Brennan – Apr 27, 2015)   VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Sports provide a sense of community, a collective team spirit and a special feeling in the city says psychologist Dr. Joti Samra who suggests getting outside with your friends to help shake off your post game depression.   “Remind yourselves that we have been […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 about Vancouver being named Unhappiest City in Canada

(By Jill Slattery – Mon April 20, 2015)   It’s a Monday morning, the sun is shining and the spring birds are chirping, but walking down Georgia Street during the morning commute you don’t see many smiles. If you’ve lived here all your life, you may be surprised to learn that this is not the […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 – Puerto Rico considers fining parents of obese kids; psychologist calls it ‘shaming’

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s no secret child obesity is a growing problem, both here and in the US.   Puerto Rico is taking a controversial approach when it comes to combating the issue. The island territory is mulling over legislation that would hit parents with fines starting at $500 for their obese children.   “This […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by Kevin Jack on News Talk 610 CKTB – Bell Let’s Talk Day

Dr. Joti Samra interview by News Talk 610 CKTB – Bell Let’s Talk Day.   For original link, click here.


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 – Many Canadians who care for parents, other family members are extremely stressed: report

(Sonia Aslam January 22, 2015)   VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As baby boomers age, more of us are taking care of sick and elderly family members — and we’re getting a better idea of just how stressful that can be.   The Mental Health Commission has released a new comprehensive report that gives us a snapshot […]


Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 about Blue Monday – Myth or Science?

(Simon Druker January 19, 2015)   VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – How are you feeling? Monday, January 19th is supposedly the most depressing day of the year.   Blue Monday has been around since 2005, but just how much truth is there to that? “This is a day that we need to understand was started as part […]

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