Resources from APA for those who may be impacted by flooding in Alberta

Flood Related Resources: · Manage Flood-Related Distress by Building Resilience (APA) Outlines steps one can take to reduce stressful emotions in the midst of flood-related chaos by strengthening one’s resilience. <> · Strengthening Your Emotional Well-Being Ahead of the Flood (APA) Tips about simple and effective ways to manage flood-related fears and anxiety. <> […]


Disaster Resources

· Coping with Disaster <> FEMA – · Managing traumatic stress: Tips for recovering from disaster and other traumatic events <> American Psychological Association · Taking Care of Your Emotional Health After a Disaster <> American Red Cross · Recovering Emotionally <> American Red Cross · Helping Children Cope with […]


Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace Standard Released

Dr. Samra sat on the Technical Committee that spent the last several years developing the Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Standard.   CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803/2013, Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is a voluntary standard intended to provide systematic guidelines for Canadian employers that will help enable them to develop and continuously improve […]


Employer Guide for Compliance with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

(Employer Guide for Compliance with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act)   The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 requires group health plans that cover more than 50 employees and offers mental health and/or substance use disorders coverage to have parity between mental health and substance us disorder benefits and […]


Dr. Joti Samra shares online resources for building healthy workplaces

(Conference blog, Bottom Line 2012)   Fred Smith, Regional Director of Group Benefits at Great-West Life, took to the stage to introduce Dr. Joti Samra.   He described Dr. Samra as a “passionate advocate for organizational change.” She is a clinical psychologist and the past president of the BC Psychological Association, as well as the […]


Creating healthy workplaces: when good intentions go awry

(by Arla Day, Good Company Newsletter, PHWP)   Many successful and high-functioning organizations are committed to developing healthy workplaces and demonstrate the positive outcomes these initiatives have on employees and the organization. At the same time, there are organizations that strive to create a healthy workplace and fall short. Many of these organizations are led […]


Dr. Samra interviewed about OWN’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood on News1130: provides tips for understanding the psychology behind our relationship with money

(with Andrea MacPherson, News1130)   Dr. Samra is interviewed about her new show Million Dollar Neighbourhood on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada). Listen to the interview here: Dr. Samra on News1130 Feb15’12   Here are some useful tips from Dr. Samra on understanding the psychology behind our relationship with money!   1. Think about money […]


How to have a financially efficient Valentine’s Day

(with Philip Till, CKNW)   Dr. Samra, host of OWN’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood, is interviewed on CKNW’s morning show about ways to have a financially efficient Valentine’s Day! Here are some tips: 1. Identify your beliefs, assumptions and expectations around Valentine’s Day: and challenge them. Start by articulating your beliefs and assumptions around Valentine’s. Be […]


Cognitive behaviour therapy self-help resources

(by Carol Vivyan, RMN, RGN, Dip Cognitive Therapy, D. Hyp, GQHP (NMC, BABCP, GHR)   This is an amazing resource based site with free download PDF format templates for therapy purposes and self-help. To view at source, click here.


Suggested readings: employee recognition

(Good Company, Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program)   Suggested Readings: Employee Recognition   In this recurring feature, we bring you new releases, best-of-class reference texts and resources you can use to promote employee well-being and organizational performance. Titles and descriptions come from both the APA Practice Organization’s Amazon Associates Store and APA Books. This month, we […]


How does presenteeism affect my organization?

(by Elizabeth Rupprecht & Matthew J. Grawitch, PhD)   According to Johns (2010), presenteeism is a major issue in contemporary organizations. As an example, EU-OSHA (2011) reported the costs of presenteeism at around 225 billion euro per year for one of Europe’s biggest economies – Germany. Costs are also high in the United States; according […]


23 and 1/2 hours: what is the single best thing we can do for our health?

A Doctor-Professor answers the old question “What is the single best thing we can do for our health” in a completely new way.   Dr. Mike Evans is founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, […]


The Road to Psychological Safety

Legal, scientific and social foundations for a national standard for psychological safety in the workplace.  A working paper for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Martin Shain S.J.D., Ian Arnold M.D., M.Sc., DOHS, FRCPC, FCBOM, Kathy GermAnn, Ph.D.   This project has been made possible through funding from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and […]


Creating a psychologically healthy workplace: the importance of fit

(by Larissa K. Barber & Matthew J. Grawitch, PhD, Good Company) When a healthy workplace practice fails to achieve the desired results or anticipated ROI, some organizations become disenchanted and all-too-quickly abandon their efforts. However, workplace practice ineffectiveness may primarily stem from practice design and implementation issues rather than the practices themselves. Many organizations rush […]


Recognizing and Confronting Workplace Bullying

Recognizing and Confronting Workplace Bullying (by Donna M. L. Heretick, PhD, Good Company, October 19, 2011) Workplace satisfaction often comes from a good match between our expectations, goals, style and talents with the realities of our work environment (Edwards, Cable, Williamson, Lambert, & Shipp, 2006). We enter the workplace with belongingness needs (Herschcovis & Barling, […]


The Complicated Psychology of Revenge

The Complicated Psychology of Revenge (by Eric Jaffe, Observer, October 2011) A few years ago a group of Swiss researchers scanned the brains of people who had been wronged during an economic exchange game. These people had trusted their partners to split a pot of money with them, only to find that the partners had […]


Stress is the one number cause of long-term absence for the first time as job insecurity weighs heavy on the workplace, finds CIPD/Simply health survey

Stress is, for the first time, the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for both manual and non-manual employees, according to this year’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)/Simplyhealth Absence Management survey. A link between job security and mental health problems is also revealed in the survey. Employers planning to make redundancies in […]


Scientists search for cause and treatment for hoarding disorder

Scientists search for cause and treatment for hoarding disorder (by Mary Carole McCauley, The Baltimore Sun, September 29, 2011)   BALTIMORE — The table at Jack Samuels’ office, in Baltimore’s Fells Point, is piled two feet high with books, papers, scientific journals and grant applications.   Samuels’ wife likes to tease him that he has […]


The dangers of animal hoarding

(by Kroger Personal Finance)   If you have seen Animal Planet’s show, “Confessions: Animal Hoarding,” you know that hoarding animals is a serious issue that can quickly deteriorate into animal neglect, albeit unintentional. Many animal hoarders have the best intentions, but are oblivious to the harm they are inflicting on the animals in their possession. […]


Surviving the “Back to School” Schedule Shifts: Tips for Working Parents & Managers

Surviving the “Back to School” Schedule Shifts: Tips for Working Parents and Managers (Good Company Newsletter of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, September 7, 2011) For working parents, September signifies a shift in the structure of life. Vacations are coming to an end, summer routines and activities are dwindling and children are going back to […]


InOneVoice: a pledge to support mental health

The Mindcheck website was created in order to assist young people to identify and understand mental distress they may be experiencing and to link them to sources of help that will enable them to learn skills and strategies to manage these problems. Being able to recognize early signs and finding ways to deal with them increases the chances of better long-term […]

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