InOneVoice: a pledge to support mental health

The Mindcheck website was created in order to assist young people to identify and understand mental distress they may be experiencing and to link them to sources of help that will enable them to learn skills and strategies to manage these problems. Being able to recognize early signs and finding ways to deal with them increases the chances of better long-term […]


Understanding pain: what to do about it in less than five minutes

New evidence based approaches to chronic pain management.     To view at source, click here.


20 quotes on dealing with button-pushers

(by Dr. Stephanie Sarkis in Here, There and Everywhere) Use these quotes to diffuse button-pushing effects. We all know the type.  The people that seem to instinctively know just how to irritate and anger us.   Everyone has buttons that get pushed, and everyone has at least one button-pusher in his or her life.  Read on […]


Do you suffer from decision fatigue?

(by John Tierney, The New York Times) Three men doing time in Israeli prisons recently appeared before a parole board consisting of a judge, a criminologist and a social worker. The three prisoners had completed at least two-thirds of their sentences, but the parole board granted freedom to only one of them. Guess which one: […]


How Stress Can Improve Your Performance

How Stress Can Improve Your Performance (by Justin Menkes, Harvard Business Review Blog, April 28, 2011) Recently, I read an article in which a developmental psychologist cited a mountain of evidence showing that IQ was one of the most significant predictors of emotional resiliency in children. The same pattern has also long been seen in […]


The science of empathy

The Science of Empathy (by Simon Baron-Cohen, The Observer) Does it upset you when you see people arguing? Do you cry at the cinema? Empathy is one of our most powerful emotions yet society has all but ignored it. Autism expert Professor Simon Baron-Cohen reveals the science behind “the world’s most valuable resource” – and […]


The U-bend of life: Why, beyond middle age, people get happier as they get older

(The Economist, December 16, 2010) ASK people how they feel about getting older, and they will probably reply in the same vein as Maurice Chevalier: “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.” Stiffening joints, weakening muscles, fading eyesight and the clouding of memory, coupled with the modern world’s careless contempt for the […]

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