Dr. Joti Samra on Global noon today talking about hoarding behaviours


Officers were called to a home around 8:15 last night after a family member called because they were concerned about the man because they hadn’t heard from him in 2 days.


Officers, ambulance and fire responded and managed to achieve voice contact but they couldn’t get into the house because of the hoarding.


The man (who was born in 1936) was trapped underneath a pile of items.  They had to use a chainsaw to reach the man.  He told them he was trapped there for several days.  He sustained some injuries – he isn’t sure on the extent but he did have a lack of circulation in his leg so there may be some damage to his leg and foot.


The level of hoarding was extreme – items were piled up on both floors of the house.


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Dr. Samra presents “Managing Emotions – Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace” at the Alberta Health Services symposium

On Wednesday, February 22, 2012, Alberta Health Services hosted a second Minding the Workplace symposium with the theme of “Support for Leaders”, featuring three fabulous speakers who shared their knowledge in the areas of emotional intelligence, self-care for leaders, and accommodation and return to work. Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych presented “Managing Emotions – Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.” To view, click emotional intelligence in the workplace_AHS.

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